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Pride of the Squish For Over a Hundred Years.

The Squish Of A New Generation.

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ME. 22; Australian; girl; born and bred in New South Wales; chocoholic; whinger; occasional icon maker; loves my Warden

My journal is friends only. Please leave a comment to be added telling me how you found me, and I'll more than likely friend you back. If you don't comment, I won't add you, which means you won't be able to see my posts. What's the point of adding me if you can't see my posts?

Daria mood theme by simplystated at fandom_moods.

Layout by damnicons and slightly edited by me with the help of s2flexisquares

All my icons and other graphics can be found either in my icon journal asirenscarousel or on my icon site and screencap site.

For anything sims related, join squishysims.

*nsync, 80s cartoons, aaliyah, ando, animals, bambi, belgium, britney spears, bsc, cadbury, cadbury chocolate, cake, captain planet, care bears, center stage, cherry liqueurs, chicago the movie, chocolate, chris isaak, christina aguilera, claire bennet, clothes, computers, cookies, cosmetics, creaming soda, cruel intentions, daria, darwin the dolphin, disney, dl hawkins, dvds, europe, fashion, finding nemo, fluppy dogs, france, futurama, gabriel grey, gossip, graphics, gumby, guylian chocolate, heroes, heroes tv show, hiro nakamura, hotel babylon, icon making, icons, icontests, internet, italy, jc chasez, jessica sanders, junk food, lims, lindt chocolate, make up, manah manah, manahmanah, mandy moore, matt parkman, mcmuffs, mermaids, mighty ducks, mohinder suresh, moulin rouge, movies, mr muggles, msn, muppets, music, musicals, my warden, nathan petrelli, nestle chocolate, nikki sanders, nip/tuck, nsync, pasta, peter petrelli, photoshop, photoshop cs2, picture books, pirates of the carribean, pj harvey, pleasantville, presents, press gang, procrastination, rainbow brite, red lollies, roger ramjet, roller coaster tycoon, save cheerleader save world, screencapping, seaquest, seinfeld, shakira, shopping, silly symphonies, sims, sims 2, singing in the rain, sleep, sleeping, sleeping beauty, snarkfest, sooty, spike/lynda, spn, squish, stcstw, stuffed animals, supernatural, supernatural tv show, sweet valley, sweet valley high, switzerland, sydney, sylar, teal, the babysitters club, the chronicles of narnia, the muppets, the sims, the sims 2, tori amos, travel, traveling, travelling, yatta


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